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new reel time :)

Spotted something new on the market?? Want advice on which rod or reel?? Post in here.

new reel time :)

Postby flearider » 13 Sep 2019, 20:00

so I need a new reel .. my 525 is dead and my diawa ??(red one:) magged ) is on the way out ..
so looking to pair it with the m4 evo ..
I have a 7ht mag that's on the 50/50 so was thinking of getting another ..
then I saw the penn 535? (had 2 525's but line kept going under spool grr) so did they fix it ?
then I saw the fathom mr 2 mag is coming out .. ?
any thoughts ?
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Re: new reel time :)

Postby Willpower » 17 Sep 2019, 08:57

A pair of 6500 abu mags would be my choice.
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Re: new reel time :)

Postby liphook » 17 Sep 2019, 10:16

7htmags in summer, 525mk1 slide mags for winter weedy conditions. I'm told the fathoms are good but haven't needed to buy anything to replace my ageing group of mk1 525's as yet. The round bait casters like the 6500 and 7ht derivatives are good but just lack the grunt and speed of retrieve for me in winter.
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