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New Product - Vercelli Spyra Ultima G3 Surf Rod 14ft

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New Product - Vercelli Spyra Ultima G3 Surf Rod 14ft

Postby » 02 Dec 2011, 14:32


The Vercelli Spyra Ultima Surf rod combines the needs of the most acomplished match fisherman with the latest rod building techniques to create something very special.

The 'continental style' action of the rod allows the user to acheive great distances with little effort. Unlike the majority of the 3 piece continental style rods, the Spyra Ultima G3 has a very quick recovery which prodcues further distance, better accuracy and much more feel through the rod.

The rod is also amazingly light and powerful. The blank is only 21mm thick and weighs a tiny 505G. (Most beach rods are around 900G)

The best part of this rod is by far the tip. It allows the user to comfortably cast leads up to 6oz and can pick up the smallest of bites from the smallest fish, a must have part for the 'ultimate match rod'.

Features -

Length - 14ft
Weight - 505G
Casts - 3-6oz
FUJI Low Rider Alconite guides, with inverted stripping guide
Non-slip rubber grips
FUJI stainless steel plate reel seat with cushion
Over-sized ergonomic butt cap equipped as a counterweight
Reinforced connections
Vercelli velvet bag with transparent box.

See the website for further details.

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