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Morecambe Area Action Plan - Your Input Needed!!

Re: Morecambe Area Action Plan - Your Input Needed!!

Postby Rushy » 13 Feb 2013, 21:29

I agree with you Phil, I can't see anything coming of this now, like you say the horse has long bolted. There was talk of maybe dumping shingle on the armour along the sunny slopes stretch, (where there are no houses to protect) but I've not heard anything despite sending a few emails.
That small jetty they put in has caused more issues than it helped. As you're more than aware, the change of tidal flow it has caused has scoured the beach away making it a lot more difficult for your tractors when launching than it should be.
Thanks for the offer of the minutes, but I'll have to decline! I fell asleep just thinking about reading them! :lol:
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