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Mevagissey Harbour 22nd - 31st July

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Mevagissey Harbour 22nd - 31st July

Postby keith n » 01 Aug 2016, 18:14

Just arrived back after 10 days in sometimes sunny Cornwall - with about 40 Mackerel in the coolbox.
We arrived mid afternoon and by 7pm I was set up and ready for the mackerelfest - I wasnt wrong ! within 30 minutes I had 9 and after that if I could shake them off the hook without touching they went back.
I have never seen so many in my life - shoals were swimming along the harbour wall and of course the feather chuckers were out in force , have never understood the attraction of hurling out a string of feathers with a beachcaster and just dragging the fishing with the power of the rod. Far more fun on the float with a light barbel rod where you can feel the power of the fish . I still think that if mackeral grew to 10lb thenn no-one would bother with bass !
Saturday morning was completely different still a fair few fish but very shy biters and as the week went on they got harder and harder to hook . The float would bob about a bit ( strike and you missed it ) then duck under ( strike and you missed it) and bob straight back up IF the float went under at all . In the end I found that the best technique was to cast out then slowly reel in a few feet then twitch the rod - and repeat ! When the float started bobbing and going under then tighten up and hit it the second time it went under - great fun when the fish make it Harder for you .
didn't see a garfish and only had one pollock all week which is unusual
I think the fish were shy because they were all stuffed to the gills with sandeel - and I mean stuffed

I gather that 3 weeks ago the local fishermen were getting over well over £10 a kilo - this week they were getting 30p !!( and the local restaurants were still charging £11 for a couple of fillets)

no pics of fish but I'll try to put a couple of pics up of the harbour ( when I feind my camera !)
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Re: Mevagissey Harbour 22nd - 31st July

Postby mac » 01 Aug 2016, 19:47

Cheers for the report and could`nt agree more on the maccy bashing , far more fun on the light gear or a fly rod :thumb:
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