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Kelly's Kettle

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Kelly's Kettle

Postby abbo » 17 Aug 2017, 14:17

So, last week was expensive, with my RBB vest damaged and in intensive care at the tailors.  New Orvis bag has just arrived - hurray. 

Tuesdays night saw me snap 30 cm's off my beloved Apia Foojin 89ml and lose a few lures to boot, oeuff.

I had to walk back to the farmers feild  about two miles,  uphill, to collect my spare, Yamaga Early 88. Following this, I lost 50 metres of WX8 20 lb upgrade due to a massive wind knot. "A tough night, ye, a tough night"
However, I was out camping and had the following morning to look forward to . The initially night session - well, a Pollock and small bass saved a blank. My mate Sedge, having driven all the way up from London - after work, he lit a small fire and promptly fell a sleep in his waders - he didn't bother fishing.

Hard work carrying our gear down

"Now then, - you can be totally fed up or put it to one side and get on with it.
I was quiet philosophical about my gear losses. The braid and rod has been well used the rod being over three years old - it has served me really well. The rod didn't let me down it was my fault. I was removing a snag around the tip when I stumbled bending the rod beyond it's breaking point. I have often wondered how this particular rod was still intact having used and abused it, it had no right to live this long

The following morning started warm and balmy but, you just new it was going to rain. 
It was great having a decent sleep and a proper breakfast. (hearing waves lapping the shoreline is so relaxing).

Sedge and me were ready to attack the day. As always a decent cup of coffee and a few croissants set you up for the morning

Some nice drift wood and an old paper for fuel. Sedge, found rubbing wood together was too arduous - so, we used a lighter

Success was had, after a few minutes of blowing oxygen into the smoking wood and paper.
It wasn't long before the water was boiled - the coffee hot - the croissants fresh


We forgot our cups so made do with a small flask cup and an plastic orange bottle cut in half


As you can see we were delighted with the results off our newly commissioned Kelly's kettle.

Following on from our proper breakfast - we walked the one minute to the sea. It was then a fish a cast, almost for the two of us. Mostly small basslets with several between two and one of three pounds.

It was  very steady fishing with a stream of bass all be it small. Sedge, fishing well and stuffing me for the second week at 18 to 12 Bass. His best total so far in one day.
 Most of mine caught using a Jims Needlefish lure - boy oh boy does this cast well - 25g

Three hours after low water the rain and wind came turning the sea from a slight chop to a large surf. The rain now lashing down. A good time to pack up and head to the pub.

Cheers all
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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby rob f » 17 Aug 2017, 15:15

enjoyed reading your report abbo . a few mishaps along the way, but by the sound of it you had a great time . well done :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby starfish » 17 Aug 2017, 17:10

Very well done :thumb:
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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby Shane ousby » 17 Aug 2017, 21:13

An enjoyable read abbo .........we'll done on the bass .......I like your attitude abbo((((((((((you can be totally fed up or put it to one side and get on with it)))))))))........thanks for posting :gp: :thumb:
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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby liphook » 17 Aug 2017, 23:05

:gp: Google read as always Abbo. Some losses but more gains :victory:
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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby sharpey » 18 Aug 2017, 23:11

Great report. Quite an adventure..!!

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Re: Kelly's Kettle

Postby Surfblaster » 17 Oct 2017, 12:19

Really enjoyed reading this...
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