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Is this the exception ?

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Is this the exception ?

Postby codless » 31 Mar 2014, 04:07

:banghead: I telephoned Gerrys on Friday afternoon because the enamel had come out of the end eye on my Greys GRX and asked about a replacement was told no problem we have them in stock only a couple of pounds pop in anytime. I replied that's great how much to fit it and was told over the phone it only takes a minute you would be better off doing it yourself no no I said I want it done right so how much for a replacement and fitting well a couple of quid for the ring and a couple of quid for fitting call it a fiver. That's great I will be in ASAP. I live in Manchester and have never been to Gerry's or fished Morecambe so I thought what a great opportunity to recce the area and see what the coastline was like gully's sandbanks casting distances etc. I arrived at the shop and handed my rod over stating that I had phoned the day before and what my rod needed, no problem it will only take a minute to fix but you can't use it for a couple of hours I was told, that suits me I will pick it up in an hour or two I want to have a walk along the prom if that's ok? So off I went for a look at the lie of the land and was quite surprised at the number of man made rock formations and the easily accessible beach. Job done I will be coming over here when the winds and tides and the Mrs are all a bit more favourable. So back to Gerry's the rods ready and I go to pay only to be told that's £6.60 please no I was told the ring was a couple of pounds and fitting would be a couple of pounds well says the assistant the ring is £2.60 and I have charged you £4.00 for fitting it. I repeat I was told it would be £5. total and am told well I have tilled it in now so you can sort it out next time you are in.
I am not a happy customer and think as I am paying well for the sake of you already having tilled it in you have probably just cost yourself a future customer. Now I hear you say FFs Billy its only £1.60 it has nothing to do with the amount it's the fact that when you are given a price that's what it should cost not well I have tilled it in you can sort it out next time. That said the icing on the cake was I went out fishing earlier tonight at five bar gate and when I put the line through the end ring it FELL OFF no not because of the leader knot or because of a swivel it was just line no knots no tackle nothing. Thankfully I was in the van and had a spare rod so at least it wasn't a wasted drive to Blackpool, unlike the drive to Morecambe on Saturday because I could have had the rod fixed locally or even done it myself but I wanted to have a look at the famous Gerry's and see for myself if the hype on here was worth the visit. So returning to the subject title am I the exception or is this the normal standard of customer service and workmanship at Gerry's?
Regards Bill
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Re: Is this the exception ?

Postby mud shark » 01 Apr 2014, 11:10

Morning Bill ,
Firstly let me apologise for the service you received from Gerry's.
No this is not the normal service, as I am sure plenty of our customers will vouch for us on this matter.
I will PM you over what we can get sorted out to compensate you for your trouble, regarding what we will offer you to cover for your lack of confidence in Gerry's. This is some thing I would like to be sorted out in private and not on a open forum.
I have nothing to hide, it's just something I like to keep personal, as with everything I deal with myself. I contact the person/s direct to see if it was just a over-sight /mistake before I tarnish reputations for a mistake made or just a lack of communication, giving them a chance to put things right.
I will talk to the person who served you over customer service and on how to put on a tip ring.

Once again please accept my apologies
Manager @ Gerrys
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