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Hero angler

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Hero angler

Postby abbo » 27 Aug 2018, 23:31

A freaking hero to me this fella. Put himself at risk to expose illegal Bass netting

Some strong (but accurate) language in these clips of restaurant owners netting juvenile bass from Poole Harbour at 4:00am this morning. ... =3&theater ... =3&theater ... =3&theater

Cheers for reading

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Re: Hero angler

Postby benhben » 12 Sep 2018, 12:55

I would like to hope there are a few more people willing to stand up for the bass/environment. Well done to that guy.

I once got into an argument with a bloke who had layed a huge gill net over the rocks around Heysham Power Station. Told him it was a nursery area..he didn't give a monkeys.

Some people just don't care about anything other than a quick bit of cash.
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