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Defying the Lockdown

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Re: Defying the Lockdown

Postby rugbydanny99 » 08 May 2020, 20:30

did the feller fishing catch anything?

even though he shouldn’t be there it would be interesting to see what’s about
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Re: Defying the Lockdown

Postby Paul R » 09 May 2020, 02:17

I wish I could get out for a few hours fishing, I can't see it though till late june the virus is still prevalent in the northwest.
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Re: Defying the Lockdown

Postby Manchester newbie » 09 May 2020, 06:27

I've got 4 spare top 2,s,next time I go I'll slip her a extra sleeping tablet, that will knock her out for about 12 hours :tdown: :sleepy: :sleepy:
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Re: Defying the Lockdown

Postby shacky » 09 May 2020, 07:58

:thumb: Nytol should do the trick :yeah2:

He was baiting up at the time. Huge mackerel baits :o
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Re: Defying the Lockdown

Postby Willpower » 09 May 2020, 11:09

Drooling! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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