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As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind blows

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As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind blows

Postby BigBadCol » 13 Jun 2013, 15:55

Ok so I wasn't going to go fishing but I thought what the hell, I'm off, I have a few frozen crab, and today is my last day off for a while. I text Andy Tatch to see if he was off (alas he wasn't, no good Dave I knew he was working so a solo mission it was). Hi tide was @ 0758hrs and 5.5m I said to myself if I wake up at 0230hrs then I would definitely get off fishing :banghead: Surprisingly I was waiting for 0230 to come round so mission was on.
I arrived at my chosen venue :whistle: (the public secret beach) just after sunrise about 0445hrs. I was very surprised to see no other cars parked there cos it looked bob on for a fish or 2 a brisk SE wind and next to no swell or surf. I had decided to head to the mark we all fished Friday night, Saturday. I was set up and in the water by 0515hrs. That when a nice relaxing morning on the beach turned into the busiest 6hrs I've ever had on the east coast even my 2 day sesh where I hammered a few cod out in January didn't compare to this morning :doh:
As I turned around to get my 2nd rod out my 1st rod bounced back almost out the rest I quickly caught up with this little beauty.
a few oz's over 5lb. I quickly re-baited and chucked it out. This time I managed to actually get the 2nd rod out and as I was putting the reel on the 1st rod bent and kept bending, bloody weed I thought :sos:
however as I got about 50yds out the old rod tip was banging and I let whatever it was take a bit of line, soon after my 2nd Starry of just over 8lb (my new PB) beached.

My face had started to ache now due all the smiling i was doing ;D. I quickly re-baited and cast out again. This time I had time to finish setting the 2nd rod up and have a drink. :D but not for long as my now 2nd rod bent over and sprung back, again about 20yds out and this fish went for a swim (to feel them scream of like that is awesome and I kinda got caught up in the feeling and played it for a while, however due to a used error my bloody leader parted company and so did the fish :'( Not to be put off I put a new reel on and cast out again, about 1/2 the distance I had been casting just to see what was about. I was rewarded more or less immediately with a smashing bite which produced this;

So I've been here about an hour and a half now and 3 smoothies on the bank and one lost. I was a happy chappy, even if I caught no more then I would be going home a happy man. I lost a couple of sets of gear to that horrible fine weed that takes ages to get off but I was still busy catching. the next chap to come along was this
And still the fish kept coming

All around the 3-5lb mark



A nice common of about 3lb

That's not all of em I was just to busy and wanted to get them in the water asap. Things went quiet about 1100hrs and I only had 1 1/2 crabs left so I had 2 more casts which again resulted in a common and a starry.

I was glad as it had been a busy morning and I'm out for a birthday party tonight. As you can see a top session for me and one I'll not forget in a hurry. For those of you who know Honey, she never stops however even she was tired of chasing me.
She never lies down on the beach lol.

Rigs used straight forward fixed 1 hook paternosters with 1/2 a frozen crab thrown at all ranges from my max of 60yds :bleh: to 1/2 that.
Hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed the session. I ended up with 12 altogether a good mix of Common (new pb 5lb)and Starry (new pb 8lb)


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As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind bolws

Postby sharpey » 13 Jun 2013, 16:56

Wow !! What a great session that was..!! Well done matey..!! Cheers for the report and pics!
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Re: As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind bolws

Postby dabcatcher » 14 Jun 2013, 12:22

sounds like a great session :clap:

the beach won't be so quiet when the news gets out :fishing:
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Re: As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind bolws

Postby Rushy » 14 Jun 2013, 20:26

That's a tremendous session by anyone's standards :clap: plenty of fish to keep you busy there, top angling! :thumb:

Great report & pics and thanks for sharing :gp:
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Re: As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind bolws

Postby mark2 » 14 Jun 2013, 21:33

well done ..right place, right time, right bait, not jealous, much. good report and great pics too
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Re: As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind bolws

Postby john pie » 15 Jun 2013, 09:30

:thumb: Fantastic busy sesh there with some cracking fish .......Can't beat day's like that shame there are'nt more of them .....Well done tho you and Honey.....

:gp: & pic's.....Thnx for sharing.
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Re: As smoooooth as you like, when the South wind blows

Postby daley » 16 Jun 2013, 18:37

a very good session there :clap: when the smoothies are about they are in big numbers. great sport too.
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