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Angling Addicts Meets Series

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Angling Addicts Meets Series

Postby thegentlegiant » 02 Feb 2014, 15:12

:love: Right guys, back by popular demand, i've been asked by several AA members if I would be willing to run the meets again.

I am happy to run the meets again but these must be run the way I feel is the easiest way for me to do so as its my own free time ill be using.

This will be run under SAMF rules basically each fish has a length to points value.

So I am going to run 6 AA meets (Sponsored By Gerrys), entry to the meet will work as so

£5 for the on the night pot for those who want to win some cash (Biggest Point Fish Wins) SAMF, also a £1 series entry fee for each match fished, so basically the results of your best 4 results will be combined to give you a total point score

This will work on the person with the least points, so if you have 123 points from your 1st match and have the best points score you are the winner so get 1 point, it then goes up a point for each place.

1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 3 points and so on. At the end your 4 best results will be used.

Match 1 = 1st place = 1 Point
Match 2 = 12th Place = 12 Points
Match 3 = Blank Joint 13th Place = 13 Points
Match 4 = 1st Place = 1 Point
Match 5 = 6th Place = 6 Points
Match 6 = 8th Place = 8 Points
4 Best Results (1+1+6+8)=16 Points

Gerrys will match the total series pot money in the way of vouchers so say we have £100 in the series pot this will be come £200 in vouchers

This will be split for top 3
1st = 50%
2nd = 30%
3rd = 20%
4th and 5th Prize to be decided towards the end of the series.

These are the proposed dates for the meets and locations

Match 1
Date: 12th April (Sat)
Time: 09:00am - 12:00pm (3hrs)
Venue: Lune (Key Side) New Venue
HW Time: 10:31am
Tide Height: 8.42m

Match 2
Date: 14th June (Sat)
Time: 10:00am - 15:00pm
Venue: Gynn wall, Blackpool
HW Time: 12:58pm
Tide Height: 9.66m

Match 3
Date: 19th July (Sat)
Time: 10:00am - 14:00pm (might need adjusting if the tides arrives later at Arnside)
Venue: New Barns Arnside(Cumbria)
LW Time: 12:12pm
Tide Height: 8.35m

Match 4
Date: 16th Aug (sat)
Time: 14:45pm - 18:45pm
Venue: Silecroft
HW Time: 16:45pm
Tide Height: 8.98m

Match 5
Date: 4th Oct (Sat)
Time: 13:15pm- 17:15pm
Venue: West End Beach
LW Time: 15:14pm
Tide Height: 2.70m

Match 6
Date: 1st Nov (Sat)
Venue: Rossall Hospital (To confirm venue)
Time: 16:00pm - 20:00pm
HW Time: 17:57pm
Tide Height: 8.17m

Please note: I will run 2 charity match as well, venues and charities to be confirmed, this will be discussed by AA members to find best times and charities. £10 entry all money to charity.

If I have not covered anything let me know.

Please also note you must be registered on Angling Addicts to fish these meets.

Look forward to seeing you all again this year, For all venues we will release directions, a bit of a venue guide and a google map of the venues we are fishing nearer the time, hopefully this will help you make it to venues unknown to some of us.

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