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Round-bodied and high-sided, the MaxRap Fat Shad features a strong tail-kicking action with a slight body roll and is very responsive to slow presentations.

Slight irregularities and hesitation in the swimming action creates a very natural and life-like movement.

The MaxRap Fat Shad is slow rising on the pause, but dives quickly to the target depth and stays there. With it’s inbuilt MaxCast mechanism, the MaxRap Fat Shad casts long and accurately.

Designed for maximum performance and built with premium components, the MaxRap Fat Minnow features superior quality components like all the Max Rap series lures.

The deep diving, round-bodied minnow employs Rapala’s patented long-casting MaxCast mechanism for long and accurate casting. The MaxRap Fat Minnow’s swimming lip design guarantees that the lure dives fast and stays down as long as possible at its 2.4 — 3m depth.

This premium minnow has a tight, tail-kicking action with a moderate body roll on a steady retrieve. It tracks straight even at fast speed, yet it is very responsive to slow presentations.

Weighted for near neutral buoyancy, the MaxRap Fat Minnow will rise very slowly on the pause; and at only 9cm / 13g in size it will perform in many situations.

Visit www.rapala.com.au to view the range.

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