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The "Ultimate Additive!" That’s what Graeme Pullen is revealing as one of his most closely guarded fishing secrets. You can put it on bait for all manner of fish, from sharks to conger eels, Pike to Catfish and even Carp. Everyone wants to learn how to catch more fish, and this special fish oil could just give you the "Awesome Ledge". As well as revealing another great bait fishing tip. Graeme pulls into yesteryear avenue to give Pike anglers an old school tip on how to pop up a sprat deadbait by filling it with air. This brings your bait more into the Pike’s kill zone and could also get you that big one! Sometimes the older methods often work best. Learn how to catch Pike the easy way using the Totally Awesome Fishing Show and their famous "twitching sprats" technique. Graeme’s RAPTA oil is finally revealed, and as they say – "A little goes a long way!"

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