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This video shows you in detail how to rig a kayak for fishing. Kayak fishing is definitely on the increase, so Graeme and Mike travel down to Bristol to check out a fisherman who really has gone the full way, and "pimped his yak!". Ian Harris has a good number of different species from his kayak, and is pleased to pass on his tips about how he fitted his out. Kayaks can be used in freshwater or sea fishing and you can rig them out with all the latest Lowrance fish-finding equipment, handheld radios, cameras and everything but the kitchen sink! of course all you need to catch a fish is a rod and reel, but half the fun of kayak fishing is knowing you carry everything that a larger fishing boat might have. They are fun, they are…TOTALLY AWESOME!
Visit Ian’s YouTube Channel to find out more about kayak fishing: http://www.youtube.com/user/dizzyfishuk
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