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Knowing how to catch wild brown trout is never easy for the fly fisherman. So you need some Totally Awesome Fishing tips, and this is where Graeme Pullen comes in with his knowledge of all-round angling. He tracked down fishing guide Paul Harris, and arranged for an exclusive film session where Paul runs through the art of fishing the Irish Lakes with a method called Loch-style. It’s a traditional method, and some old-school flies are shown, plus some superb scenery. It’s an instructional done in a couple of hours, but once you see the clarity of markings on a wild Brown Trout it will have you reaching for your fly rod. If you can learn the exact method, and how to fish the team of flies you are going to be in with the chance of catching one. In this film, small is beautiful, and fishermen will have learned yet another Totally Awesome Trout fishing technique!

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