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www.totallyawesomefishing.com Ever wondered how to catch trout in reservoirs? This video will give begginers the fly fishing tips they need to help them catch Reservoir Trout. Mike and Graeme Pullen head to Rutland Water – one of the most famous reservoirs in England. They meet up with fly fishing guide Rob Waddington who reveals some of his best fly fishing tips. As well as a wealth of information on fly tying and fly casting, Rob also shows Graeme and Mike how to catch the Rainbow and Brown Trout at Rutland Reservoir. This informative 50 minute video is packed full of fly fishing tips as well as some serious rod-bending action! Subscribe to us if you enjoyed it.
FOR MORE FLY FISHING VIDEOS:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB995E0AF38A6353F
Rob Waddington fly fishing guide at Rutland: http://www.rutlandwaterflyfishing.co.uk/
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