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The Bomber Rig

Hopefully by the end of this how to you will be able to tie your own bomber rigs. This tutorial was created by forum member “Jarhead”

Many thanks Dave!!



Getting started

First things first… The knots I use are uni knots

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Rig Componants

Rig body – 40inch
Snood line 20lb two colours upto you
2x hooks I use b940m
4x crimps
4x beads
2x swivels
2x str spring
Some sequins or bead
Telephone wire or crimp
And most important thing BB clip
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Tie your lead link on like so
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Then thread on the following – crimp “spring” bead swivel bead crimp—- crimp spring bead swivel bead crimp and tie on the second link to the rig body
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Cut your snood ready to tie on and make sure if your 15 inch snood is on the bottom, the top one should be double ie. 30inch, if not a little bit more – 36 inch
Tie both snoods on to swivels – Remember the short one is at the bottom of the rig
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Thread sequins or beads on and tie your hooks on
Now place your telephone wire next to the line and turn it around your snood above the sequin ( don’t turn it too many times as it needs to move) four turn should do it

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Or u could use a crimp but don’t crimp it too much as again you want it to move ( it’s just a bait stop) trim it down so it looks like this

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Now for the best bit. I use impact leads and this rig works well with BB clips
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BB clips basically spread your bait evenly to stop the lead wobbling during the cast – You will have two baits one on either side of the lead. ‘Great bit of kit’ – Obviously with the bomber rig you have two hooks so this set up is ideal.

Place hooks clips like so
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Hang your bomber rig up and pull the bottom crimp up and crimp in place. Do the same on top one – make sure you leave a bit of gap inbetween crimp and bead to let them move

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And that’s your bomber rig ready to use and catch fish!!
Best to use in fast tides where there’s movement in water. One of the best rigs I use as it will cast a long way with two hooks.

Good tip
I use gemini links on top and bottom – I did use swivels on top of rigs and link on shockleader but the thing was my hook lengths (snoods) kept getting tangled up

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One day I was fishing next to a lad who fishes for England and we were talking about things and told me this turn it around ( up side down)
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So swivel on shockleader and link on rigs. I’ve never had that tangle again
Hope this helps some people


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