Chris@Gerrys Blog — 05 June 2012

Every week I get people ask me why don’t you travel more to catcher bigger and more fish? My answer is why?

Morecambe is a venue like anywhere can be awful, mainly due to the weather but when its good it is fantastic. This time of year the bay is full with a variety of fish and is rare that anyone will catch less than 5 fish a session (making sure your using the correct tackle and bait)

My latest trip out was an evening session on Friday night with a few ‘non fishing’ friends who pester and pester me to take them out so I gave in. We set off to fish the race office slipway but were unfortunately beaten there by some keener anglers :). Due to us walking down we only had the option to either fish the beach to the left  or try somewhere new. We opted for the latter and fished infront of the life boat station.

As always, I am fishing with my lure set up on braid so I can feel and hopefully hook everything the has a go on my bait.

Within minutes by friend Phil got a few knocks but unfortunately it didn’t end up with a fish. After about 10 minutes I got a thud, thud, thud and in came a Plaice.

After a few more small Plaice we were forced off the small wooden jetty and decided to fish the small bay to the right. It was a bad idea 30-40 mintues without even a bite from a Crab. So with the light fading we decided to brave the rocks and get back to where we were orginally catching.

Bang straight in with a few more very small Plaice and a few small eels. We started getting sick of little eels so be basically stopped striking the agressive eel bites and focused on the ‘slower’ Plaice bites. After a few more fish we ran out of bait so called it a night.

The evening was made complete by the lovely weather and sumbline sunset.

I have a few mug shots of some AA members and some lovely scenic shots below.

On another not we are open today (Jubilee Tuesday) 9-3pm


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