Chris@Gerrys Blog — 09 March 2012

We have stocked the savage gear hook range for quite some time but until now, I haven’t had chance to properly get to grips with them.

We will start with the Savage gear lip sculls. This new design allows anyone to rig up or change a loose shad in a matter on seconds. The design features a diving bill which should take the shad down to around the 1.5M mark when retrieved. It has a split ring to clip your line to and most importantly a razor sharp treble hanging below.
The shad is attached by simply pushing a supplied stake through 2 holes and the shad fixing it in place. After doing this you can fish straight away.

You only figure out just how good and effective these are after using them. After a few hook ups your shad soon gets slashed and looses its action so its time to change. Due to the design, changing the shad takes about 10 seconds. Simply pulling the stake out and inserting a new shad and then your fishing again.
The Lip sculls come in packs of 2 in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) to fit shads between 3 and 8 inches.
Pack price £4.99

The Second product is less sold but is actually a more effective way of hooking up loose shads, but it does take a little longer to do.

The Savage Gear 4 Play off set treble packs are basically an improved version of the wires found in pre hooked shads. The benefits of this design is that it is very sturdy and the rig shouldn’t move at all when set in place.
Rigging these up requires a little more time and concentration than the lip sculls but provides you with a better quality set up. You will firstly need to place the rig next to your shad to measure up.
Once measured push a thin knife of scissor blade through the centre of the shad and push the vertical wire through. Next you will need to make 2 further piercings. The first through the nose of the shad and the second beneath the shad at the same place that the rig bends 90 degrees upwards. Once you have done this simply thread the horizontal wire on the rig through and you done. it should look similar to the picture below.

Rigging your shad this way allows you to keep maximum movement of the shad and still be confident that after the fish is hooked it wont come off.
The 4 play offset rigs are supplied in packets of 3 for only £3.99.
This will be something I will be keeping in the box from now on.


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