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I first spotted these properly when fishing with Sam (GentleGiant) a few weeks ago… I have to say, they are absolutely brilliant!! But then, the simplest of ideas usually are.

The Bait Pak is basically a cool bag, with a carry handle, that straps onto your tripod using velcro. Simple, but really handy!! – And only £15!!

sea fishing forum

sea fishing forum

The Bait Pak comes with three velcro straps, which can be positioned anywhere around it using the loops in the stitched webbing around the outside.
sea fishing forum

For me, this is one of the handiest bits of kit and perfect for fishing low water marks where you are constantly moving up and down the beach and stood in the water.

As above, all the straps are adjustable to suit the position of your tripod, keeping all your bits and bobs just at hand!!!
sea fishing forum

There is plenty of room for a few rigs, a couple of leads and even a spare reel! – As well as your bait of course!!

sea fishing forum

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  1. After a while the backbone on these fellas goes a bit floppy. But fear not just buy a cat litter tray cut off the four corners and hey presto a solid b it of kit once more. Simples Squeak!

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