How to... Shore fishing rigs β€” 17 November 2011

I made a few rigs up the other day and thought id do another little how-to for anyone who doesnt know how to make them. They are easy enough with a little practice.

First of all you will need the following –

Some rig body (im using around 2ft of 80lb shockleader here)
A few inches less of snood line (Im using Clear anmesia in 40lb, around 20 inches of)
4 crimps suitable for the diameter of rig body you are using
6 beads
4 pieces of rig tubing (size varies depending on the swivels you use, im using 2.0mm)
2 hooks (entirely up to you, but im using 2/0 sakuma manta extras)
1 Link clip with built in bait clip, or any lead link if using leads with built in bait clips
1 Large swivel
1 small swivel
1 cascade swivel (the type with bait clips built in)
Scissors or nail clippers
Something to fix your crimps in place, ideally a proper crimping tool, but a pait of cutters will do if you are gentle.


Firstly – Tie on a link clip with a built in bait clip (alternatively you could use a normal link clip if using a lead with built in bait clip) I personally like the Uni knot for all my knots.

Now the order is critical – thread on…. Crimp, bead, tubing, bead, cascade swivel, bead, crimp – crimp, bead, tubing, bead normal swivel, bead, and crimp. Double check you have the order correct and then tie your larger swivel to the tag end of the rig body. The tubing acts as a buffer allowing for the stretch in the rig body when casting.

Next take your snood line and cut it in half – then tie a hook to each piece and thread on a piece of rig tubing to each snood. I like to leave a good tag on my knots to elp stop the bait slipping down the hook shank and onto the bend.

You can now tie on your snoods, one to the small swivel and the other to the cascade swivel.

Slide the rig tubing along your snoods and push over the swivels – Make sure that the cascade swivel isnt too tight on the clip. Gentle bend it out so that your hook will release properly if it is.

Now we can start tensioning everything and fixing the crimps in place. Ideally hang your rig on a picture fixing or similar and add a lead to the link clip.

Clip your hook into the bait clip. Slide everything up your rig body, and then fix the bottom crimp in place ensuring your hook is tight on the bait clip and that there is a little compression in the rig tubing

Next place your top hook onto the clip of the cascade swivel, slide the third crimp upwards until the snood is tight, and again there is a little compression in the rig tubing and fix your crimp in pleace

Now everything is tensioned, fix the other two crimps in place allowing a few millimetres of slack between the beads and swivel

Both should look something like this…

The rig is now complete and should look like this – Unclipped on the left, clipped up on the right

If you want to add a third snood, simply make your rig body 50% longer and use a second cascade swivel. (IE add Crimp, bead, cascade swivel, bead, tubing, bead, crimp) Both cascade swivels should be the two nearest the lead.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I also like the tip about leaving the tails long after tying the hooks to stop bait slippage. I always cut mine short but I’ll certainly give it a go.



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