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First of all before you do anything, make sure you have a well ventilated area to melt the lead. Lead fumes are very hazardous to health. Please ensure you take every precaution when following this post. No responsibility will be accepted for any accidents or injury, however caused.



To make your weights you will need:-

A suitable stove
A Mould
A pan to melt the lead in
A Ladle
Something to scrape the slag off with, I use a large serving spoon thingy!!!
A container to scrape the slag into


Some suitable gloves – welders gauntlets
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I use an old pressure cooker to melt my lead in but I suppose any old pan would do as long as it will hold the amound of lead you’ll need for your pour.
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Never add cold lead to the pot after the lead has started to melt as any moisture could cause the lead to explode.

Once the lead has melted you need to scrape off the slag from the surface so, you’re just left with clean lead in the pot.
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Before you begin your pour, make sure you heat your mould so the lead doesn’t set on contact with it. I use a blow torch for this but, you could just place it on the stove for a few minutes.

Pour your lead into the mould until you have lead in the pouring spout.
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Leave for 20 seconds then open the mould and release the lead.
I place mine on a steel box until they’re cool enough to twist off the excess lead from the pouring spout.
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I use the Breakaway ultra mould so, now the lead has cooled and I’ve removed the excess, I need to fit the plastic nosecones. These just push through the lead and are secured with a small plastic clip.
The end result should look something like this.
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