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I had been on the look out for a decent knife sharpener. Having watched some of the fish filleting videos on youtube, this one for example….

I suddenly realised the need for a REALLY sharp knife. For me, getting this sort of edge was a real problem, and using a steel I could never get it THAT sharp.

I had seen a recommendation on a website suggesting products from the company, Any Sharp. They came highly recommended, so decided to get my hands on one for a proper review for Angling Addicts.

Having looked at their website i watched a couple of videos showing their products in action, they certainly looked the business!!

The two products they sell are the Any Sharp Pro and the Any Sharp EDGE.

The Any sharp Pro has a suction cup on the underside to stick to any flat surface for sharpening your kitchen knives.

The Any Sharp EDGE being a handheld version is slightly more versatile and offers other uses around the house such as sharpening lawnmower blades and other garden tools.

The ergonomic design of the AnySharp Edge means it fits easily into the palm of your hand whilst the rubber handle provides excellent grip even with wet hands. To sharpen the blade hold it steady with the blunt edge upper most, then run the “V” of the AnySharp Edge over the blade to sharpen it. Depending on how blunt the blade is you may need to pass the Edge over the blade several times in order to restore its full sharpness. During the sharpening process you’ll probably see metal dust coming off the blade, this is perfectly normal and shows that the AnySharp Edge is working properly.

I thought a short video would demonstrate best how effective it is. I found the one knife sat in the bottom of the drawer that no one ever uses because it is so blunt…

This WAS a pretty decent quality knife in its day and took about 4 or 5 goes to bring the knife back to life….but the proof is there…. this thing really does work!!!

The AnySharp Edge can also be used on serrated knives, providing the grooves are not too finely spaced, and it doesn’t even matter if the blade is made from hardened steel.

Keep it in your fishing bag, use it around the house or the garden….Never use a blunt tool again!!

The AnySharp Edge is available to buy direct from priced £14.99.


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