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Upon buying your first bait pump, remove the wing nut from the end of the spindle, remove the locking washer, and the flaired washer. Remove 6 rubber round things that are strangely intended to seal the pump, and place in bin just outside tackle shop.

Next, you need some tubing the same diameter as your bait pump.

Like this…

Take a hack saw or similar and cut off approx 1/2inch – 3/4inch of the tubing.

Fill this with your chosen silicon, then smooth off the ends on a piece of cardboard

Leave for around a week to properly go off then remove from the “mould”

I usually do a few at a time

Shove a screwdriver through the middle of it, and put it in the pump where those nasty black things were :'( :'( :'( :'(

Bit of washing up liquid in the top of the pump, and away you go!!! :'( :'( :'(

Will any old silicon sealant do????

Well thats a very good question, not all sealants are equal. You need to look for one that once set is still very flexible. I have tried various sealants and some are too hard, and dont seal as well….

I have just tried some bathroom sealant and they look pretty good.

Best advice, go to a pound shop and buy a tube of each of their sealants and try them out….. then let me know which one works best ;) ;D ;D ;D

In any event, even a hard silicon will be better than the seals supplied!!


Check out this video to find out how to use your pump





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  1. Glad I came across this post, been struggling with the new pump (only got good suction with the washers too tight)
    Used so much Fairy liquid it looked like i was doing my washing at the waters edge lol.

    Looked up the ‘flexibility’ issue and it appears that ‘Low Modulus’ silicone is the softer stuff when cured. (could be wrong, usually am!).

    Thanks for the ‘How To’


  2. I use the centres out of Black insulation tape just right size.

  3. Nice tip John

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