Angling News β€” 28 June 2010

Some of you may have read about the presentations that have been held across the North west in recent months regarding the proposed marine conservation zones.

(See here if you have not seen it :

These presentations were mainly aimed at larger groups rather than individuals. (Angling Clubs for example)

Mapping exercises were carried out to establish which areas are most used by certain groups of people. For example, commercial fishermen were asked where the main places were in the area that they would fish. The idea being to introduce restricted areas, with the least impact on current activities.

Individuals are now being asked to carry out the same mapping exercise by logging on to –

The site enables you to have your say about where you carry out your leisure activities, whether these are sailing, angling, watersports or simply walking your dog on the beach. Remember this is not simply about fishing, this is about all activities that could affect the marine environment.

From an angling point of view we are also urged to provide information on any areas we believe may be nursery and/or breeding grounds for marine species. One such example is the nuclear power station at Heysham. Despite being a Bass nursery area, the area is still littered with fixed gill nets, and commercial rod and line anglers operate in the area. THIS IS THE SORT OF THING THEY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT!!!

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